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  • mom candle with rose and whipped wax

    Mom Whipped Candle


    As a thank you, give Mom our Whipped Mom Candle. Our Whipped Candle is designed to promote tranquilly and relaxation with its exquisitely fragrance Rose Petals scent.

  • Macaroon inspired sweet almond wax melts aluminum pan sitting on green leaves

    Sweet Almond Candle Wax Melts



    Indulge in the aroma of sweet almond candle wax melts! Wax melts are a simple way to bring an inviting scent to your home. Sweet Almond Candle Wax Melts work in every room, even if candlelight isn’t desired.

  • cafe whipped candle in coffee mug with wooden wicks

    Cafe Whipped Candle


    With our Cafe whipped fragrant candle, you can welcome the dawn. Meticulously crafted from 100 percent coconut soy wax, this candle features a wooden flame that guarantees hygienic and environmentally sustainable combustion.

  • mango whipped candle with wooden wicks and macaroons.

    Mango Lassi Whipped Candle


    Our widely adored Mango Lassi Whipped Candle infuses each space with the invigorating essence of summer. The fragrance of coconut harmoniously pairs with the aroma of mango.

  • Caribbean Teakwood in white glass vase on top of pink silk linen

    Caribbean Teakwood


    Caribbean Teakwood has a higher fragrance load for customers who like a more potent scent and a consistent burn period. Perfect for anyone looking to add a touch extra of their favorite scent to their home, as well as larger spaces with 8 to 9-foot ceilings and basements.

  • Island Hibiscus Candle on pink satin sheet

    Island Hibiscus


    Hibiscus is one of Haiti’s unofficial flowers. According to our customers feedback, the aroma of the candle brings the Caribbean right in their living room. Enjoy the wonderful smell of the islands minus the airfare.

  • Morning burst room and linen spray bottle laying on cloth.

    Morning Burst Spray


    Long Lasting, all-natural fragrance spray that brings a burst of freshness to any room. This room/linen spray is a great addition to freshly clean linens. Enjoy the refinement of this masculine, seductive aroma. Delight your senses with a sophisticated fusion of gorgeous iris, luscious sandalwood, and Tuscan leather.

  • Close up of Outer Banks candle in white glass vase on top of pink silk linen

    Outer Banks


    Outer Banks candle unites land and sea. Customer favorite and has an exquisite aquatic aroma. Designed for deep meditation and hot baths.

  • Close up of sophisticated candle on a table with blurred background



    Combined with an intoxicating blend of bourbon, rum, and cognac notes unfold into a heart of geranium, palmarosa, and rose accords in this Sophisticated Luxury Home Candle. This dark, woody blend of cedar and vetiver establishes the base. The scent emulates a bourbon barrel smoothness with a gist of sweet oaky-ness. If you are a…

  • Close up view of Tranquillité Candle on a glass table



    Exceptionally blended with one hundred percent fragrance oils to comprise over six distinct fragrances and flavors. 

  • Well dressed candle laying on a blue dress shirt and tie next to a cologne bottle

    Well Dressed


    Combined with high notes of fresh lavender, black pepper, geranium, clove leaf, and nutmeg to create this desirable masculine fragrance, and motivated by the man we love the most.