Spicy Chipotle Seasoning


Looking for the perfect Chipotle season for your meats or that Margarita mix. This is the perfect seasoning for your tex-mex or taco night.  Made with all natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce. Real spices as it should be.


Chipotle seasoning is a delicious spice blend that lends a smokey, spicy flavor to a variety of meals. It is ideal for those who want to spice up their meals without relying on other seasonings loaded with sodium and artificial ingredients.

Therefore, if you are looking to enjoy a taco night with premium ingredients, then this seasoning is for you. This seasoning works well when paired with Saint-Marc.

What is Spicy Chipotle Seasoning?

Chipotle is a smoked chili pepper that is popular in Mexican and or Latin American cuisines. The Spicy Chipotle Seasoning is grounded and mixed with other spices to bring you a robust and smoky flavor. Great for grilling or smoking meats and of course delicious spice for Mexican cuisines.



Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 6 in

Chipotle, Spices, Paprika, Cumin

Production Note

This spice has been through a rigorous process of prepping and testing in order to bring it to your kitchen. Our facility is licensed by the Health Department which goes through a yearly evaluation to maintain strict health standards.

Spicy Chipotle (Premium Chipotle Seasoning Spice Blend) is:

Custom Blended and packaged in the USA.
Net weight 4.5 oz (128g).
Made with real, high-quality ingredients you can trust.
Uses Gluten-Free ingredients.
Include no hidden starches.
Tested and used by our family and friends.
A great way to save time while adding warm, real, robust flavors.


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